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Remote Managers Programme

Join us today and receive immediate access to hours of world leading remote team training from experts in the field.

What you'll get:

  • [ Lesson 1: Why trust is easily damaged in remote teams ]
  • [ Lesson 2: The problem with remote communications ]
  • [ Lesson 3: Why we should us synchronus communications ]
  • [ Lesson 4: How to counter the loss of social learning ]
  • [ Lesson 5: How people work remotely ]
  • [ Lesson 6: The E-Leadership models ]
  • [ Lesson 7: The need for clarity ] 
  • [ Lesson 8: Why a 'sequence of events' is going to help ] 
  • [ Lesson 9: How to do arms length motivation ] 
  • [ Lesson 10: Factors that deal with isolation ]
  • [ Lesson 11: How to deal with distractions, boundaries and work life balance issues ]
  • [ Lesson 12: 3 vital remote manager comms priorities ]
  • [ Lesson 13: Using quad reporting to get your team updates ]
  • [ Lesson 14: Creating your WOW charter (Ways of working) ]

Remote working, virtual working, flexible working, home working – these are all familiar business terms, yet managing remote teams can present all kinds of new challenges.

As teams are becoming more geographically spread, our remote training courses help to ease managers’ and employees’ transition from being office based to working remotely. We guide you through methodologies that advance team dynamics, sustain iterative feedback and help managers to adopt a more proactive set of skills to effectively manage virtual teams and workers.

Using high definition video led learning, we equip managers and employees with methods to overcome common remote working challenges:

  • As the separation between work and home life becomes less distinct, remote workers may struggle with a healthy work-life balance.

  • Reduced social learning opportunities through observation and conversation with office colleagues.

  • Higher levels of organisational risk under less supervision, and a potential breakdown of trust.

So how can managers retain a sense of team? How can they motivate from afar? How can we keep communication channels open and morale up? All of this and more is explored in this popular and increasingly important course for managers of all levels, experience and sector.

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